If you would like to give triathlon a go, but feel you're not up to completing all 3 disciplines, you can race as a team. You can do any combination you like - either as a team of 2 or 3. One person can swim, and another can do both the ride and run, you can have a different person for the swim, bike and run - or whatever combination you feel you're comfortable with.

All team members will either need to be Wild Dog Triathlon Club members (see membership section above) or will need to each purchase a one day membership for $25. Then you just pay one race fee for the whole team. For example, assuming none of your team are WDTC members, and your team has a different person completing each discipline, each person will need to pay a $25 one day membership ($75 in total), and then $10 to race as a team - total cost $85. If you have a team of 2 people, then the cost is $50.