We offer 3 different distances:

Fun Tri

150m swim, 6km bike, 1.8km run

Short Tri

300m swim, 12km bike, 3.6km run

Long Tri

500m swim, 18km bike, 5.4km run.

You are welcome to race any distance that you are comfortable with.


We offer 6 distances

1 Swim lap =25m

1 Bike lap = 1km

1 Run lap = 300m

1 Lap -6yrs / under

25m swim, 1km bike, 300m run

2 Lap -7yrs /under

50m swim, 2km bike, 600m run

3 Lap -9yrs/ under

75m swim. 3km bike, 900m run

4 Lap -12yrs/ under

100m swim, 4km bike, 1200m run

5 Lap -12yrs/ under

125m swim, 5km bike, 1500m run

6 Lap -12yrs/ under

150m swim, 6km bike, 1800m run

If your child is not comfortable with the distance for their age group they are welcome to compete in a distance they feel would suit their ability. However, if they do compete in a lower age group, they will still be timed but they are not eligible for a placing in that race. Younger competitors may use a kick board or noodle to assist them on their swim leg. No flippers allowed.