Championship Rules

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    Updated Oct. 2018
    1. Club Champions (male and female) are determined by the most wins and then the highest points scored in the Long Course over a minimum of 5 races. If two or more competitors have equal wins and equal race points, joint awards will be declared.
    2. Age Championships will be determined by a points system, where competitors earn points according to the race distance they compete in and their finishing position for a minimum of 5 races over any distance.
    3. In the event of two or more competitors scoring equal points over the season, joint Age Championship awards will be declared.
    4. Age Category points are cumulative, regardless of which distance a competitor participates in. A competitor who participates in Long, Short and Fun Tri distances will have all their points added together.
    5. A competitor must have paid the race entry fee to be considered as having entered or started a race. A cancelled race where no race fees have been paid does not count as a race for eligibility purposes.
    6. The Committee may choose to reduce the number of races required for eligibility purposes if there have been any cancelled races throughout the season.
    7. Competitors must start a race to earn points and have it count for eligibility purposes. One point will be awarded for any race a competitor starts but does not finish.
    8. Points for each race are allocated according to finishing position and not according to age category; ie first male over the line and first female over the line always get the highest points on offer regardless of which age category they are in.
    9. In the event of a race being call off after it has started or if no official results are recorded, all starters will receive the equivalent points normally allocated to 3rd place over that distance.
    10. Being a non-racing official or race marshal on a race day entitles you to one Age Championship point but does not count as a race for eligibility purposes; ie you must actually race 5 times to qualify. Points:
    Long Course Points
    1st 12
    2nd 10
    3rd 9
    4th + 8
    Short Course Points
    1st 8
    2nd 6
    3rd 5
    4th + 4
    Fun Tri Points
    1st 4
    2nd 3
    3rd 2
    4th + 1