Championship Rules

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  1. 1. To participate in club races and be eligible for club championships, individuals must be a current financial member of the Wild Dog Triathlon Club. This will ensure the club meets the conditions set out by the governing body whose insurance policy covers our club and its members.
  • 2. The general committee shall decide the format, total & location of club races at the start of each season, including the rules and requirements for eligibility for club championships.
  • 3. Disqualification of any competitor/s shall be left to the discretion of the race committee.
  • 4. In the event of unsafe racing conditions such as wet weather, unforeseen heavy traffic or road accident (particularly during the bike leg), race marshals may shorten or call off any race at any time. This may include limiting races to 1 or 2 legs, eg swim/run. Competitors will be advised verbally as soon as possible before or during the race if the race is modified or called off.

Accumulation of points during each race will go towards both the Age Category Championship and also the overall Club Championship for each season.