Compulsory Briefing

  1. All competitors must attend the compulsory race briefing prior to the start of the race.


  1. 1. Wet Start - All swim components of the race begin in the water - no diving is permitted.
  2. 2. Competitors may be asked to swim with more than one person in their lane. Swimmers should keep left in the lane both up and back the pool.
  3. 3. Tumble turns are permitted but are not compulsory. Be wary of others in your lane.


  1. 1. ALL competitors are required to wear an approved helmet and a top that covers the torso (upper body) throughout the bike course. Helmet must be fastened on your head before you touch your bike and must not be removed until the bike is racked at the end of the bike leg.
  2. 2. Absolutely no drafting (following closely behind) another bicycle or any other vehicle. A space of 4 bike lengths must be left between all riders at all times unless passing.
  3. 3. Passing another rider must occur on the right hand side only, leaving a 10m x 4m space around the bike being passed.
  4. 4. ALL competitors must keep to the left hand side of the road, observing all road rules.
  5. 5. Cyclists must mount their bikes at the designated mounting point, and dismount before entering the transition area. No scooting in transition area is allowed.
  6. 6. Be wary of cars entering from side streets or reversing out of driveways.


  1. 1. Running in bare feet is not allowed.
  2. 2. You must give way to traffic as you cross Burke St.
  3. 3. Be wary as you cross any driveway entering into the parklands and give way if necessary.


  1. 1. Before the race and after the bike leg, bicycles must be racked by hooking the handle bars or seat over the bike rack bar.
  2. 2. An area of 1.2m wide and 2m long is allowed for each competitor, kit and bike in the transition area.
  3. 3. All equipment must be inside this area to avoid tripping hazards for other competitors.

Rules Applying to All Segments of Event

  1. 1. Course Marshals have the authority to disqualify any competitors.
  2. 2. Medical staff shall have ultimate and final authority to remove a competitor from the event if the competitor is judged to be physically incapable of continuing the race without risk of serious injury.
  3. 3. Competitors are responsible for counting their own laps and may be disqualified at the discretion of the race director if incorrect laps have been completed.
  4. 4. Receiving or accepting assistance during the race may result in disqualification. You are not obliged to assist others or should expect that others will assist you unless it is a medical emergency.
  5. 5. In the event of unsafe racing conditions such as wet weather, extreme temperatures, unforeseen heavy traffic or road accident (particularly during the bike leg), race marshals may shorten or call off any race at any time. This may include limiting races to 1 or 2 legs, eg swim/run. Competitors will be advised verbally before or during the race if the race is modified.

Wild Dog Tri Club reserves the right to accept or refuse any event entry.